Updated 2021-05-17

Why Won't my Interactive Job Run?

Potential issues

  • Due to the nature of how interactive jobs are set up, these problems often are caused by skipping over some steps for submtting an interactive job
  • These are the most common problems encountered when someone tries to run an interactive job:
    • viewer is opened before job has actually been run
    • walltime is too low
    • password not set up

Potential Issue 1: Viewer is opened before interactive job is running

  • This is the most common issue people face when trying to start an interactive session.
  • You must wait until the pace-vnc-job job you submitted is running. This job actually does all the legwork to set up the interactive session. If you start the viewer before it's running, the viewer will have nothing to view.
  • Solution: use qstat -u <gtusername> -n or another way of checking your jobs (helpful commands guide) to make sure the job is running before you use pace-vnc-job to start the session.

Potential Issue 2: Walltime too low

  • While this is an issue people face after their interactive job has been run, it is important to cover.
  • After the job has been running for the specified walltime, it will be terminated. Your interactive session will end.
  • Solution: give yourself enough time to work by making sure the walltime is roughly the same as the time you're going to be working (you might want to add a little extra time to give yourself some slack). However, don't make it too much longer. Longer walltimes generally mean longer time in queue.

Potential Issue 3: password is not set up

  • Run vncpasswd to set a password
  • Remember this password for when you have to log into the qsubvncviewer. You can always reset it with vncpasswd, but you will have to start a new session and resubmit the job.