Updated 2021-01-04

WinScp File Transfer


  • WinScp is a file transfer program for Windows
  • Easy to install and simple to use
  • However, Globus is still recommended for file transfer


  • Follow the instructions on the WinScp website
  • Open the program after installation

Connecting to Cluster

  • When you open WinScp you should get a screen that looks like this:


  • In Hostname box, type the address for your account:
    • For Hive Cluster: myGTusername3@login-hive.pace.gatech.edu
    • For Phoenix Cluster: myGTusername3@login-phoenix.pace.gatech.edu
  • Type in you GT username and password into the username and password boxes
  • Click Save if don't want to enter this info again
  • Click login

Transfering Files

  • At this point, WinScp will open a file explorer with your files on the cluster, the window will be a normal file explorer like this:


  • You can treat this file explorer like any regular Windows file explorer
  • Simply drag and drop and/or cut, copy, and paste to move files between the WinScp explorer (cluster) and any file explorers you have open on your desktop