Updated 2021-01-04

Use Git on Cluster


  • Since github is for moving files, you do not need to use a compute node and therefore no PBS script is needed.
  • Instead, git is used on the headnode (where you login)

Load Git Module

  • In order for git to work, you must first load the git module
  • module avail git: shows available versions of git
  • module load git/2.13.4 : loads git version 2.13.4. You can replace 2.13.4 with any available version number

Using Git

  • After you have loaded the git module, you can use git as you would normally


If you did not log in with -X, git might throw an error when running

  • Ignore the error and preceed to enter your password when prompted, and it should work.
  • If the error persists, log in using -X :
    • For Phoenix: ssh -X gtusername3@login-phoenix.pace.gatech.edu
    • For Hive: ssh -X gtusername3@login-hive.pace.gatech.edu
    • module load git/2.13.4: reload git module
    • try running git again