Updated 2021-11-12

FileZilla File Transfer


  • Filezilla is a file transfer program for all systems
  • Easy to install and use
  • However, we still recommend Globus for file transfer


  • Download the correct version from the Filezilla Website
  • Open program after installation

Using FileZilla



Once FileZilla is set up, to transfer files, simply drag and drop between the two panes (or right click to copy/cut/paste) as you would between two normal file explorers

  • Connect to Cluster: The box labeled 2 is the quick connect bar. For host, enter the appropriate address for your account on the cluster:
    • For Hive Cluster: login-hive.pace.gatech.edu
    • For Phoenix Cluster: login-phoenix.pace.gatech.edu
  • Enter your GT username and password where it says "username" and "password". For the port, set it to 22.
  • Press QuickConnect
  • Box 3 Is just a log of the connection, you can ignore it
  • Box 4 is the local pane. This pane is where your local files are displayed. It is just a regular file explorer (like the file explorer you use on your system) meaning it supports drag and drop.
  • Box 5 Is the file explorer where your files on the cluster are shown.
  • Box 6 Lists files that are about to be transferred as well as previous file transfers