Updated 2021-05-17

Run Paraview Interactively on the Cluster


  • Runing Paraview interactively is very similar to any other interactive program. The steps are as follows:
    • Set up VNC session
    • Load Paraview and all its dependent programs
    • Run Paraview


Set up VNC Session

  • Please see the VNC guide for instructions on how to set up the Interactive VNC session

Load and Start Paraview on VNC

  • Open terminal in the vnc window by clicking top left Applications > System Tools > scroll down to terminal
  • all commands here on will be typed in terminal in VNC
  • Paraview depends on many other programs to run including qt, gcc and MPI.
  • For any program, to see available versions run module avail <program name>
  • Load all the programs and run Paraview with the following commands:
module load qt/4.8.2
module load gcc
module load python/2.7
module load mvapich2/2.1
module load paraview/4.3.1

paraview  #runs paraview