Updated 2021-05-17

Run Ncview on the Cluster


  • Running Ncview on the cluster follows the same general steps as any interacitve job. The steps are:
    • Set up VNC session
    • Load Ncview's dependent modules then load Ncview
    • Run Ncview
  • This guide will run through loading ncview/2.1.2 and will include a walkthrough using some example data
  • The example data we will be using is a model of the Antarctic Ice sheet. Data is from the U.S. Antarctic Program Data Center
  • Data file: netcdf-a1.nc.
  • Check out the file transfer guide if you need assistance transferring the file to the cluster.

Set up VNC Session

  • Please see the VNC guide for instructions on how to set up the Interactive VNC session

Load Ncview

  • Open a terminal in the vnc window by clicking top left Applications > System Tools > scroll down to terminal
  • All commands here on will be typed in terminal in VNC
  • Ncview depends on many other programs to run including, gcc and hdf5.
  • For any program, to see available versions run module avail <program name>
  • Load all the dependent modules and then load Ncview with the following commands:
module load gcc/4.9.0
module load hdf5/1.8.19
module load netcdf
module load ncview

Run Ncview with Example Data

  • Run Ncview with ncview <.nc filename>
  • To visualize the Arctic Ice Sheet data with Ncview, enter the folder where you have placed the data in and run ncview netcdf-a1.nc
  • A window with multiple options should pop up:


  • Select a variable such as "bedrock" to display the model