Updated 2021-12-15

Interactive Compute Sessions

There are two possible methods to gain an interactive session on the compute nodes.

The PBS directives used below are the same as the batch PBS jobs. See the PBS Scripting Guide for explanations of the PBS directives.

Manual qsub submission

An interactive session can be create using the -I flag with a set of PBS directives. As an example,

$ qsub -l walltime=02:00:00 -l nodes=3:ppn=4 -l pmem=1gb -q inferno -I -A GT-gburdell3

creates a session for 2 hours for 3 nodes with 4 processors apiece and 1 GB of memory per processor on the inferno queue. Please include your charge account with the -A flag on Phoenix and Firebird.

pace-interact session

The pace-interact command wraps the request for an interactive session. The usage of the command is

$ pace-interact -q inferno -l nodes=1:ppn=4 -l pmem=2gb -A GT-gburdell3

The only required option is the -q queue. The default session will be 1 hour with 1 node and 1 processor.