Updated 2023-02-17



  • STAR-CCM+ is a multiphysics computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software that enables CFD engineers to model the complexity and explore the possibilities of products operating under real-world conditions.
  • Simcenter STAR-CCM+ allows the modeling and analysis of a range of engineering problems involving fluid flow, heat transfer, stress, particulate flow, electromagnetics and related phenomena.
  • This guide cover how to load and run starccmplus/17.02.007


  • To load Starccmplus:
    • module load starccmplus/17.02.007
  • To run Starccmplus:
    • starccmplus -batch <input file>

Set up Interactive Desktop on Phoenix OnDemand

  • In order to access Phoenix OnDemand you must be connected to the GT VPN. If you do not already have the VPN set up, visit Configure the GT VPN
  • Once connected to the VPN you can access the application at Phoenix OnDemand.
  • Choose the Slurm Interactive Apps tab and select Interactive Desktop to setup and launch.
  • Setting up Interactive Desktop:
    • Charge Account: gts-<PI username> ("phx-pace-staff" works for trial. Required.)
    • Quality of Service: inferno
    • Node Type: GPU Tesla V100-16B or GPU Tesla V100-32B
    • Nodes: 1
    • Cores Per Node: 8 (Number of cores (CPUs) per node. Max: 24 cores per node.)
    • GPUs Per Node: 1
    • Memery Per Crore (GB): Leave blank if unsure. Total memory for job is: nodes × cores × memory per core
    • Number of hours: 1
  • After the preceding details are entered, clik the Launch button
  • Once the Launch Interactive Desktop is an available option, click the button to open a Phoenix OnDemand Interactive Desktop to use for Starccmplus.

Part 2: Load and Start Starccmplus on Phoenix OnDemand

  • Open terminal in the Interactive Desktop by clicking top left Activities > search for terminal
  • All commands here on will be typed in the terminal
  • You can find which versions are available for any module with module avail [software].
  • Run the following commands to load the necessary modules:
    • `module load starccmplus/17.02.007
  • View the software with starccm+.
  • Here is the load screen: Screenshot
  • Here is starccmplus software loaded: Screenshot

  • Congratulations! You successfully ran starccmplus on the cluster.