Updated 2023-05-31



The ELPA (Eignevalue soLvers for Petaflop Applications) library provides highly efficient and highly scalable direct eigensolvers for symmetric matrices. Though especially designed for use for PetaFlop/s applications solving large problem sizes on massively parallel supercomputers, ELPA eigensolvers have proven to be also very efficient for smaller matrices.

Running ELPA Interactively

Allocating Resources

  • In order to run ELPA interactively we can use the salloc command to specify the account, partitions, time, and queue

  • Here is an example of an salloc command you can use: salloc -A [Account] -N 1 -n 8 -t 15 -q embers

  • This will allocate the proper resources to run ELPA

Using the ELPA Library

  • Elpa is a library so it is different to run it on the cluster
  • In order to see the different types of kernal comands you can access you can run the following commands:
  • module load elpa
  • cd $ELPAROOT/bin
  • elpa2_print_kernels_openmp
  • This will show you all the different types of commands you can use
  • For more infomation about ELPA you can click on the following link