Updated 2019-09-20

Input and Output

  • The Moab job scheduler will assist you with the collection of program output on the various nodes depending upon the options selected when the job is submitted.
  • #PBS -k oe Tincluded in the batch submit file requests the scheduler collect all output and error information and place them in your home directory with a name based upon the job name, the job ID and if it's standard or error output.
#PBS -N hello
#PBS -l nodes=7:ppn=4
#PBS -l walltime=15:00:00
#PBS -q paceib
#PBS -k oe
#PBS -m abe

cd ~/mpi
echo "Started on `/bin/hostname`"
echo "Nodes chosen are:"

/usr/bin/mpirun -v -np 28 -machinefile $PBS_NODEFILE ~/mpi/hello

  • The above job will create, assuming it was assigned job number 244 when submitted, the following two files in your home directory, using the name hello from the job file:
    • hello.e244 (error output from job #244)
    • hello.o244 (standard job output from job #244)
  • The collected output from all CPUs (28, in this example) will be in each appropriate file.
  • If the #PBS -k oe line is omitted or commented out in the script, then the output files will be created in the directory where the job was launched from.