Updated 2022-01-10

Operating System Upgrade to RHEL7.9

What’s happening?

PACE will upgrade our Phoenix, Hive, and Firebird clusters to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.9 operating system from RHEL 7.6 during the February 9-11, 2022, maintenance period.

The required upgrade will improve the security of our clusters to comply with GT Cybersecurity policies.

An OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution (OFED) upgrade requires rebuilding our Message Passing Interface (MPI) software, including updates and modifications to our scientific software repository. PACE is providing updated modules for all of our MPI options.

How to Prepare

  • Researchers should use PACE's "testflight" environments in advance of the upgrade, allowing the opportunity to ensure their software works in the new environment.

  • All PACE researchers are strongly encouraged to test all workflows they regularly run on PACE.

  • Researchers that have installed their own MPI code independent of PACE’s MPI installations will need to rebuild it in the new environment.

  • Please report any issues you encounter with PACE-provided software modules to the PACE team.

  • Researchers who have contributed to PACE Community applications (Tier 3) should test their software and upgrade it if necessary to ensure continued functionality. If you have contributed to PACE Community applications, PACE will contact you directly about this upgrade.

  • Researchers who built their own software may need to rebuild it in the new environment and are encouraged to use the testflight environment to do so.

Accessing the Test Environments


All researchers with Phoenix accounts at the start of January have been provided access to our Testflight-Coda cluster. Visit our Testflight-Coda documentation to learn how to log in and submit test jobs. You'll see all of your Phoenix storage for easy access to your workflows.


All Hive researchers can use Hive's testflight environment and the upgraded queues. Visit our Testflight-Hive documentation to learn how to log in and submit test jobs. You'll see all of your Hive storage for easy access to your workflows.


A testflight environment is not available for Firebird. Firebird researchers who are able to run tests with unrestricted data and software and have a Phoenix account may use Testflight-Coda. Testflight-Coda is NOT a CUI/ITAR-compliant environment, so please do not place any CUI/ITAR data or software on Testflight-Coda. Use it only if you are able to test your workflows in this setting. If you are unable to test in advance, please check Firebird upon completion of the upgrade in February and contact us if you encounter any issues.