Updated 2022-08-08

Logging On to Phoenix Clusters: Overview

  • Logging on and interacting with Phoenix clusters requires the use of a tool called SSH
  • Interaction with the Cluster is done through the terminal / command line, and interactive sessions can be started through the terminal after logging in

Log into Phoenix: Using SSH

What is SSH?

  • SSH stands for Secure Shell
  • A program for logging into a remote machine securely
  • SSH is how you log into and interact with the cluster

Logging Into Cluster - Linux / Mac

  • To SSH into Phoenix, you MUST be connected to the GT VPN, even if you are on campus!


You must be connected to Georgia Tech VPN to sign in.

  • After you are using the GT VPN, open up a new terminal and simply use this template:
ssh someuser3@login-phoenix.pace.gatech.edu
# Use your GT username in place of "someuser3"
# press <return> to run
# Must be on GT campus internet or connected to Georgia Tech VPN


In addition to "login-phoenix", you may use "login-p" to avoid spelling out Phoenix when connecting.

  • Next, you will be prompted for a password. Enter your GT password. Note when typing passwords in Linux, the password line will be blank and won't show characters. Press enter to login.

  • The screen should look like this: Screenshot

  • You should be logged into your account on a headnode. You can now interact with the cluster, submit jobs, make files, and do anything else you would do normally on a computer.

  • After you have logged in, you should see a screen that looks like this: Screenshot


  • You can still use SSH on windows, but you will need a client. PuTTy is recommended
  • After you have installed PuTTy, open it and you should see a screen similar to this one.


  • In the HostName bar, enter your account address: someuser3@login-p.pace.gatech.edu. Use your GT username instead of "someuser3".
  • Click open and in the terminal type in your GT password when prompted for password.


You may see a warning that looks like this: Screenshot Click "Yes". You can now enter your password. Please note that although you may not see any characters appear when you begin typing your password (this is a security feature), your password input is indeed going through.

  • Congratulations! You are now logged into your account on a headnode and able to interact with the Phoenix cluster through the terminal.