Updated 2021-02-25

ECE Software on Phoenix

With the move to Coda, the ECE software stack and user environment underwent two changes 1. The ECE software stack is hosted in the PACE Community software repository 2. The default user shell is bash instead of the tcsh shell used in Rich for ECE users

Accessing the ECE Software Stack

The ECE software is now supported under a community environment called PACE Community, which comprises PACE user-built software. PACE is not responsible for the content, quality and any other issue related to use of the software; ECE group who installs the software will carry out software maintenance and support. Compilers and MPI libraries are provided by PACE.

As an end-user, all you will need to do is:

  • Load the pace-community module with module load pace-community
  • See available software with module avail
  • Load ECE software with module load <software>

There are also methods to allow modules to persist (for both login and jobs). Here's a workflow example:

module restore pace        # start with the default PACE meta-module
module load pace-community # expose more software 
module load cst            # load ECE component
module save                # saves to 'default' module collection

Then at login, the software that you need will be available.

Want to start fresh? Then do

rm ~/.lmod.d/default         

For more details, please read about Lmod's (the modules system used on PACE's Coda resources) user collections.