Updated 2023-05-01

Logging On to ICE Clusters on the Command Line


ICE is also accessible via Open OnDemand, permitting you to conduct all activity from a web browser, including easy access to graphical interactive jobs.

For traditional computing, you will need an SSH client (terminal) to connect to ICE. Recommended options:

  • Windows: Powershell (built-in on Windows 10) or Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

  • Mac: Terminal (built-in)

  • Linux: System-default terminal (gnome/KDE)

You will also need to be connect to Georgia Tech's VPN to use either ssh or OnDemand. Connect to the client-based GlobalProtect VPN before attempting to access PACE resources.

The cluster is accessed using SSH to login-ice.pace.gatech.edu. Connect with your GT username and password.

For example, from the terminal, enter ssh gburdell3@login-ice.pace.gatech.edu, then provide your GT password at the prompt. No asterisks will appear, so enter your password then <Enter>.

What is SSH?

  • SSH stands for Secure Shell
  • A program for logging into a remote machine securely
  • SSH is how you log into and interact with the cluster