Updated 2022-04-21

Submitting Jobs/Creating Experiments


The Hive Gateway has been in production since October 2020.


  • Submitting a job is the same thing as creating an experiment on the Hive Gateway
  • To do it, you'll select an application, provide experiment information, configure the application, and launch the experiment
  • The sections below will go into further detail

Select an Application

  • The first step to select an application to use for your job/experiment
  • Go to your dashboard (the speedometer icon in the left side toolbar)
  • Here, you will see a list of the applications available to you
  • Click on the tile of the application that you'd like to use for your experiment
  • This will take you to that application's Create a New Experiment page


Provide Experiment Information

  • Applications may differ by what inputs they accept, but they all have this section in common
  • First, you will provide an experiment name which is by default <Application Name> on <Current Date> <Current Time> that you can change to whatever you'd like
  • You can add a description that you can view on that experiment's summary page later, but this is optional
  • Then you will select a project that this experiment will belong to in the Project field
  • If you are working on a collaborative project, make sure to set this field properly so your team can view your experiment as well


Configure the Application

  • After filling out experiment information, you will have to fill out application configuration information
  • The Application Inputs box will differ based on which application you are running, but it should be clear what information is needed if you have worked with the application in any setting prior
  • Then you will set the Allocation field, (will likely be set to default)
  • Then select a compute resource


  • Finally, you will set the resource settings which should seem familiar if you previously worked with the cluster through a command line interface by clicking on the Settings for queue box
  • You will chose a Queue to run your job on, select the number of nodes, the number of cores/processors per node, and the walltime for your job. The walltime is how long you give the experiment to run, it will cancel no matter what after the walltime has been reached.
  • Once you are finished, select Save and Launch to run your job or Save to submit it another time
  • Once you submit a job, feel free to logout. You do not have to be logged in for the experiment to run.


Experiment Summary

  • You will be taken to this page after submitting your experiement
  • Here you can view information about your experiment including all information entered when setting it up, its current status, output files when it is complete, etc.
  • You can share the experiment with a group of users that you haven't already shared with by clicking the Share button in the top right and selecting them


  • If you leave this page and want to come back to it when your experiment is finished running, then you can find it by using the My Recent Experiments column on the right side of your Dashboard
  • If you don't see it there, then click View all to see all your experiments
  • When your experiment is done, you will be able to see all outputs of the experiment including Standard-Error, Standard-Out, and any other files produced by the experiment


Clone/Resubmit a Previous Experiment

  • If you want to resubmit a job, then you'll use the Clone function on the gateway
  • Navigate to the Experiment Summary for the experiment you'd like to resubmit
  • Click the Clone button in the top right
  • This will take you to the Edit Experiment page which has all the input fields filled out the same way the original experiment was filled out with the exception of the experiment name being changed to "Clone of [Original Name]"
  • What you do here will not change the results of your previous experiment but instead will act as a brand new submission
  • You can modify these inputs however you want and click Save and Launch to submit

Share an Experiment ###

  • You can share particular experiments with a group by going to that experiment's Experiment Summary and clicking Share in the upper right next to Clone


  • You can find more in-depth instructions about sharing at the bottom of the Groups page