Updated 2022-04-21

Hive Gateway FAQ


The Hive Gateway has been in production since October 2020.

General questions for using the Hive Gateway

What is an Experiment?
  • An ```experiment``` is the same thing as running a job. Running an experiment means selecting the software you want to run, uploading the correct input files, selecting your preferences and submitting the job.

Where can I see my recent experiments?
  • On the main ```dashboard```, your recent experiments will appear on the right hand of the screen.

Where can I view experiments that have been shared with me?
  • In the ```experiments``` tab, you can see your past experiments as well as experiments that have been shared with you.

Where can I access the results of running an experiment?
  • After an experiment has successfully completed, head over to the ```storage``` tab. Here, you can see directories corresponding to each of your projects. The directory for the project you associated your experiment with will contain a directory for your experiment. This experiment directory will contain all the input and output files for your experiment

How can I share an experiment with a group?
  • To share an experiment that you have already submitted:
    • Click on the experiment found on the dashboard on the right hand side under "my experiments" to get to the experiment summary. Then click on the ```share``` button.
  • To share when creating an experiment:
    • When you are creating a experiment, click on the ```share``` button in the top right corner to share it.