Updated 2022-04-21

Groups on the Hive Gateway


The Hive Gateway has been in production since October 2020.


  • One of the most useful features in the Hive Gateway is the ability to share experiments and files with groups
  • Experiments shared with you will show up in the Experiments tab
  • This guide will cover the Groups section in-depth to allow you to make full use of its functionality

Groups Section

  • You can access the Groups section by clicking Workspace in the utility bar at the top and selecting Groups in the dropdown that appears afterwards


  • In this section, you'll see the groups that you are currently a part of

Sharing Experiments with Groups

  • You can share particular experiments with a group by going to that experiment's Experiment Summary and clicking Share in the upper right next to Clone
  • You can enter your group name and click Save to share the experiment with every member in that group, or you can enter one particular user's name to share it with just that user


Sharing Projects with Groups

  • You can also share an entire project with your group which ensures that any experiments and files associated with that project will also be automatically shared with that group
  • Go to the Projects section and click Edit under the Actions column


  • This will take you to the Edit Project page where you can change who it is shared with by clicking the Share button in the top right


  • Currently, if you want to create a new project and immediately share it with a group, you'll still need to create it without being able to share it and then use the Edit button in the Actions column to share it with that group