Updated 2021-08-09

Getting Started with Hive

Welcome to PACE's "getting started" guide for the Hive cluster. Hive is an NSF funded cluster through an MRI award 1828187: "MRI: Acquisition of an HPC System for Data-Driven Discovery in Computational Astrophysics, Biology, Chemistry, and Materials Science." Here you can find example job submission scripts, Hive specific information, and an an updated Hive software list.

Hive Cluster Diagram


List of Hive Pages

Here is a list of the pages that make up the Hive Cluster documentation:

Workflow Diagram

  • Overall, the workflow is similar to any other PACE managed cluster. To review the workflow, check out this diagram

Requesting Access to Hive

  • Academic faculty with approved Hive accounts may request the addition of students, postdocs, and research faculty working with their group. If you are a member of a research group and your PI has Hive access, please ask your PI to request a Hive account for you by contacting pace-support@oit.gatech.edu.

  • Academic faculty wishing to access Hive should contact one of the five PIs for the cluster to request the addition of their group. PACE can only grant accounts to academic faculty with the approval of one of the following PIs:

    • Srinivas Aluru
    • Surya Kalidindi
    • C. David Sherrill
    • Deirdre Shoemaker
    • Richard Vuduc

Log on to Hive

Log on to Hive Gateway

Helpful Commands

  • Please refer to the Helpful Commands Page in the Getting Started section for a detailed list of commands that also apply to the Hive Cluster.

Run GUI Applications on Hive

  • Please refer to the Run GUI Applications Page in the Getting Started section for a detailed guide that also applies to the Hive Cluster.

Configure the GT VPN

  • Please refer to the GT VPN Page in the Getting Started section for a detailed guide that also applies to the Hive Cluster.

Configure Windows Subsystem for Linux to Access Hive

  • Please refer to the Windows Subsystem for Linux Page in the Getting Started section for a detailed guide that also applies to the Hive Cluster.
  • Instead of using someuser3@login-s.pace.gatech.edu to log into the cluster, please use someuser3@login-hive.pace.gatech.edu, replacing someuser3 with your GT username.

Modules Guide

  • Please refer to the Modules Guide in the Batch Software Guides section for a detailed guide. Please note that the Hive Cluster uses RHEL7, so only that part of the guide applies.

Summary of Hive Resources

Queue Number of Nodes Cores Per Node Number of Cores Usable Memory Per Node Total Memory Wall Time Limit
hive 416 24 9984 192 GB 78 TB 5 days
hive-gpu 14 24 336 384 GB 5.5 TB 3 days
hive-gpu-short 2 24 48 384 GB 768 GB 12 hours
hive-himem 4 24/44 116 192 GB 7.7 TB 5 days
hive-sas 16 24 384 1.5 TB 3.2 TB 30 days
hive-nvme 16 24 384 192 GB 3.2 TB 30 days
hive-nvme-sas 32 24 768 192 GB 6.4 TB 30 days
hive-interact 16 24 384 192 GB 6.2 TB 1 hour
hive-priority 256 24 6144 192 GB 49.0 TB 5 days
hive-all 484 24 11636 Contains all of above 106 TB 5 days
  • For further information about the resources offered on the Hive Cluster, please visit the Resources Page.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under grant number 1828187. Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.