Updated 2023-03-23

New User Guide


  • The general workflow of submitting jobs to the cluster is portrayed above
  • Our documentation focuses on splitting each critical part of this workflow into its own section. Each of these sections can be found as a menu tab here on this site. Below, a couple of the more essential sections are explained more in depth :
    • [Getting Started]: Learn how to get an account and log on to PACE Resources. Other guides you can find in the getting started tab include a vpn guide and a helpful commands cheatsheet
    • Storage : The storage tab has guides on all things storage related, from a high level storage overview on how the filesystem is set up for users, to a globus guide for users to transfer file to and from the cluster.
    • Software Guides : The Software Guides tab contains detailed "how-tos" and walkthroughs for running programs on the cluster.
    • Troubleshooting : The `Troubleshooting your jobs tab has helpful guides to address common issues, like the "Why is my job stuck in the queue?" guide. Guides to help debug common problems that may occur when running jobs. The FAQs tab contains helpful lists of FAQs organized by topic, like general FAQs