Updated 2022-08-08

Helpful Commands

General Information

  • pace-quota: returns username, storage access and utilization, and job charge or tracking accounts.
  • pace-check-queue [-c] [-s] [-m] [-j] [-x] [-h] <queue name>: gives info on resources available for queue, node names, and status of queue.
    • pace-check-queue -c <queue name>: Will color code each node by availability. Useful to quickly see which nodes are accepting jobs.
    • pace-check-queue -s <queue name>: Shows the feature tags for each node. These tags can be used in your PBS script to request certain hardware capabilities, such as intel processors or nvidia gpus.
    • pace-check-queue -h: Opens the man page for pace-check-queue
    • Additional Flags: The flags [-m] [-j] and [-x] Allow you to simplify the output of pace-check-queue, and to print the results in xml or json.


  • module avail <optional module name>: lists modules (software) available on pace and can provide a module name to search for specific software.
  • module load <module name>: loads module into environment.
  • module purge: gets rid of any modules loaded.

Job Submission

  • qsub <script.pbs>: submits PBS script (script that determines resources needed and contiains job to be run) to scheduler.

Job Control

  • showq: shows all jobs and status of jobs in queue.
  • qstat <jobid>: status of job in queue.
  • qstat | grep someuser3: lists your jobs and status.
  • qstat -u <someuser3> -n: lists your jobs and state.
  • checkjob <jobid>: get a detailed status on your jobid.
  • showstart <jobid>: can run shortly after job is submitted. Estimates time until job will be run (time job will be in queue).
  • qdel <jobid>: deletes job in queue.
  • qselect -u gtusername3|xargs qdel : deletes all jobs you have in queue. Replace gtusername3 with your gt username.

Viewing Output Before Job Completion

  • pace-qpeek <jobid>: shows output of a job that is currently running. Useful for checking that large jobs are running properly.
  • pace-qpeek <jobarrayid>[jobnumber]: shows output of a single job in the job array specified. Make sure to enclose the jobnumber in brackets after the jobarrayid. If you are not using a shell other than Bash, enclose everything after pace-qpeek in quotes to ensure that it is treated as a string literal.

Check Storage

  • pace-quota: gives you a summary of how much storage you have used and how much you have left.


  • pace-why-inqueue <jobid>: diagnoses why a job is stuck in the queue (not running).