Updated 2023-03-10

Software Questions

What software do we have campus licenses for?

  • Georgia Tech maintains site license for many software packages, many of which are already installed on PACE managed clusters. Other HPC related software can be installed on a per-request basis.
  • All software and systems must be used in compliance with the Georgia Tech Cyber Security Policies.
  • The source of GT licensed software can be found at this link.

How can I make my code more efficient?

  • Here are some common things to start with:
    • Compile your code with optimizations: Using -O3 compiler optimization would provide significant speedup.
    • Use numerical libraries: PACE clusters offer a number of numerical libraries for better performance and consistency. These libraries include fast and community-tested implementations for a large variety of computations, such as dense/sparse linear algebra, fourier transform, data processing, multimedia, and so on.
    • Use the scratch storage: If your code stores or manipulates large files, you may see benefit by utilizing the high-performance scratch storage.
    • Use GPUs: PACE clusters include nodes with GPUs. Please use them if you believe your job would benefit from it.

What software is available on the Pace clusters?


You can see a full list of software available for the node you are currently on by running the module spider command.

Visit our software list to see a list of software options.

Are there any software restrictions for the clusters?

  • Software must be compatible with the supported Operating System and properly licensed. HPC-relevant applications on OIT's Software Distribution website are readily available. All software on PACE-adminstered clusters must be installed and used in complicance with the Georgia Tech Cyber Security Policies.
  • Please contact pace-support@oit.gatech.edu if you have any questions regarding specific applications, software licensing, and/or testing.