Updated 2019-04-19

Adjust PBS Scripts to work on RHEL7


  • This guide will explain which modules need to be changed in order to run this documentation's PBS scripts on RHEL7
  • If the software isn't listed, the module have not yet been installed on the RHEL7 node, or do not work currently with the scripts
  • The only gpu queue for RHEL7 is testflight-gpu


In every PBS script, you must change the queue to testflight, as it is the only RHEL7 queue

Changes to PBS Scripts

  • Comsol: load version 5.3
  • Ansys: load version 19.0
  • Python: For anaconda load anaconda3/5.1.0, change ~/testdir to $PBS_O_WORKDIR
  • R: load version 3.5.1
  • MPI: Use gcc/8.2.0 and mvapich2/2.3
  • octave: Must load ncurses/6.1 and openblas/0.2.20 before loading octave/4.4.0
  • openMP: Load gcc/8.2.0
  • Java : Load version 10.0.1
  • Anaconda: Load version 5.1.0
  • No Change: Perl, Ruby, Julia, Scala